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I’m very much enjoying a quiet day of reflection today… the past two days were quite busy! Saturday I worked with a new photographer who’s building his portfolio and brought in four models to help. I got to work in tandem with my favorite hairstylist, Jen – I always like working with her because she’s funny, talented, and does AMAZING hair lightning fast. I expect I’ll learn a lot from her, although I’m usually too busy makeupping to pay attention to the intricacies of hair design.

And yesterday was my friend Kelly’s wedding – I did her makeup, her mom’s makeup, and a little bit on the groom’s daughter as well. Fun! Fast, too – we wrapped everything up in an hour and a half, and I somehow made it home in time to change and then scramble to the church minutes before she walked radiantly down the aisle. She was very happy with how she looked – nothing overly glam (she’s a personal trainer and wasn’t going for princessy), just a turned-up version of herself.

Here’s the before & after from the test we did a week before (my camera takes lousy photos compared to the photographers I work with, but what can ya do – can’t wait to see Kelly’s actual wedding pics!):

Kelly without makeupKelly with makeup

I used Yaby’s new liquid foundation and was very pleased with the coverage and natural finish – highly recommended! (Her color turned out to be “Buff.” Apropos for an athlete, no?)



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