Amanda’s wedding

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Amanda was such a pleasure to work with, and I’m so glad I was able to do so! She contacted me very close to her wedding date and I already had a booking that day, but I was free until the afternoon and Amanda said that prepping in the morning was fine. I brought a second artist (the amazingly talented Kristen Strassel, who I have also assisted before) to help with the wedding party so that I would have plenty of time to get to my next appointment. It’s rare that I double-book a date but since the scheduling was open and Kristen was available it was easy to accommodate both brides, and I’m glad that I did because Amanda and her group were loads of fun!

Amanda told me at the trial that she was definitely a black eyeliner gal, and wanted a smoky look. (As long as it is well-blended and subtly contoured to suit the eye shape, a smoky eye is certainly suitable for bridal beauty!) I used airbrush makeup, waterproof eyeliner formulas and sealed the deal with eyeshadow to make her eye makeup bulletproof (no one wants black eyeliner running down their face when they get emotional!)

See how nicely her makeup help up all day?

Bride getting smoky eye makeup applied

Bride with smoky eyes pearl earrings and veil

Bride & bridemaids in cerulean blue gowns

Elegant bride with smoky eye makeup

Bride posing with sister and smiling

Elegant bride posing in living room

Elegant bride posing on staircase

Elegant bride posing with her father

Bride and groom leaving church amidst bubbles

Elegant bride & groom posing in front of beautiful home

I love the soft blues & greys worn by the bridal party – and what a stunning backdrop that house makes!

Bride, groom and their bridal party in blues and greys

Bride & groom toast each other with champagne in the limo

Elegant bride posing on a bar

Elegant bride posing on a bar with her bouquet

Bride & groom posing on a bar

Bridal party posed on a staircase, wearing blues & greys

Bride & her bridesmaid posed with a piano

Bride laughing & clapping in response to a toast

Bride laughing in response to her sister's toast

Bride & groom kiss while dancing

Elegant bride & groom share a moment on the dancefloor

Bride & groom run under a bridge of arms

Bride & groom introduced to the room raising hands

Photography by Douglas Bradshaw



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