Introducing The Beauty Nook, my new home studio!

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I’m primarily an on-location artist. But sometimes, it’s just more cost-effective for clients to come to me for smaller jobs like bridal trial runs, makeup lessons, or makeovers for special events and photoshoots. I used to host such appointments in my kitchen, but then I’d have to set up and break down, and it didn’t have the best ambiance. I knew I had to find a better spot, ideally one that could always be ready for business (and double as storage for my supplies), but since I do mostly work on location I was ambivalent about renting commercial space for that purpose.

As it turns out, all it took was a little reorganizing! I am so pleased to announce that I have created a dedicated space for client consultations and makeovers right in my apartment – I’m calling it The Beauty Nook. It used to serve as an office (but, who am I kidding, most of the time I sit on the couch with my laptop anyway). It now serves as a workspace and also houses my supplies as well as all of my makeup-related books, DVDs, etc. I cannot even tell you how happy I am to finally have this space finally set up for clients!

Let’s take a tour, shall we? I thought I’d start with a simple video overview:

And here are some photos:

makeup studio in florence ma

Yup, I pretty much cleaned out IKEA furnishing the space! I may eventually hang prints of my work, but I couldn’t resist Audrey.

Here’s the bookshelf – even I had no idea I owned so many makeup books!

See any titles you recognize?

With the curtain open, to let in natural light (of course, it was nighttime when I took this photo!)

lipstick and gloss trays

airbrush makeup

My crazy collection of loose pigment samples occupy one drawer.

This drawer houses creams I have depotted into smaller palettes for my mobile kit.

I’m head over heels with the colors in this rug – a great match to my logo!

Edie’s bed is strategically located right around the corner so she can watch the proceedings (or sleep through them).

I just had my first client session in the new space tonight and I just love it – it’s so nice to have everything organized and ready to go (and it’s DEFINITELY nice to have less makeup stashed in my bedroom). I wish I had done this years ago – but better late than never! I look forward to many more bridal trials, makeup lessons, prom applications, etc. in “The Nook.”



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