Dream Away Lodge editorial shoot with Love + Perry Photography

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***UPDATE: this shoot is now featured on Equally Wed!***

This shoot took my breath away. The location, the models, the photography, the details – everything was just so “me” that I couldn’t help but bounce up and down as I watched it unfold. I am delighted to share a few of my favorite photos that show off the glamorous makeup looks I created for our model brides, but for the full scoop (and all the lovely details), you’ll definitely want to visit the photographers’ blog post here.

I was so excited when Freya & Amber agreed to work with us – I’ve worked with them both many times before, both together and separately, and I knew they had great on-camera chemistry and a solid friendship which would make the shoot a lot of fun. (Freya is also about to leave for graduate study abroad, so it seemed fitting to have her “marry” her long-term shoot colleague & friend as a last hurrah!)

But would you believe that our first venue balked once we cast our models? Apparently the original venue owners felt that a shoot featuring two brides would be too niche (in Western MA?), so we were asked to replace one of them with a groom. We (politely) declined, and went to the Dream Away Lodge instead, which provided the perfect backdrop with loads of interesting details (seriously, the place is like a museum of quirk!) and a fabulously relaxed atmosphere. Bonus: they were wonderfully welcoming – they even cooked us a delicious lunch!

I personally think that inspiration can come from many different places and people, but all too often, minority or “non-traditional” couples have to guess whether or not they will be welcomed and understood if they don’t see themselves anywhere in a business’s promotional materials. Let this be a lesson in tolerance AND marketing savvy – steer too clear of the “niche” and run the risk of looking generic!

But never mind my soapbox… this shoot was anything but generic, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it.

Two brides with beautiful glamorous makeup embracing

bride with long blonde hair and bright pink lips

bride with long red hair and smoky eyes

two brides snuggling on their wedding day at the Dream Away Lodge

two brides at the Dream Away Lodge in the Berkshires MA

Photography: Love + Perry
Dream Away Lodge
Event Coordinator, Details, & Prop Styling: Tanya Costigan Events
Wardrobe: Ryan Mainville, Pearl Bridal Boutique
Hair: Jenursa Adamites
Invitations, Menus, & Signage: Essentials
Rentals: Classical Tents & Party Goods
Freya + Amber



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