Kristen’s 2020 Wedding at GreatHorse in Hampden MA

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Since we’re all still a bit PTSD about what went down 3 years ago, it’s a common conversational icebreaker to talk about how the pandemic affected our respective lives. I’ll never forget juggling all those rescheduled weddings, for sure! And people always ask me what those initial pre-vaccine weddings were like.

Honestly? They were delightful: modest, intimate, and a much-needed connection after months of isolation. I often did the makeup outdoors in the shade, or with the windows thrown wide open.

Kristen, who had originally planned to marry in April of 2020, contacted me in July with her new plan: an intimate celebration on a beautiful afternoon in September. It was only the second wedding I did after the lockdown, and it was such a wonderful, relaxing experience. And I was so happy that Kristen agreed, according to her review on WeddingWire:


Photography: Kathy Bunnell

Venue: GreatHorse



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