Have you ever wondered...

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  • Why does my makeup look fine indoors but too harsh in daylight?
  • How can I wear foundation without looking flat and lifeless?
  • Why does my makeup look OK in the mirror, but shiny or too white in photos?
  • How can I enhance my eyelashes without looking fake?
  • Do I have to wear heavy makeup at my wedding?
  • Am I going to have to touch up constantly on my wedding day?
  • I want to look like myself… will a makeup artist make me look like a clown?
  • What’s the deal with airbrush, anyway?
  • Is my everyday makeup suitable for HD photography?

Trust me – you’re not the only one!

You’re not alone in being mystified by makeup; not even close. There’s a lot of info out there, and much of it is clouded by people attempting to sell specific products that may or may not do what they promise. I’ve fielded so many of these questions over the years that I finally decided to write a book that would sum it all up!

10 Makeup Mishaps was inspired by my conversations with brides over the years. They all wondered the same things you are: “what makeup should I wear for my wedding? What pitfalls should I avoid? What do I need to know about makeup for photography?”

By sharing this ebook, I hope to shed light on the mysteries of makeup and how to get the best, most camera-ready results for your wedding day (or any day!) This is the ultimate companion to anyone who is wondering what professional makeup artistry is all about.

What you’ll find inside…

  • Skincare before your wedding – what to do, what NOT to do, and what not to leave to the last minute!
  • Eyebrows – the ultimate frame for your beautiful face!
  • Avoiding the dreaded “cake face!”
  • Creating dimension and matching foundation
  • Classic, offbeat, trendy… what’s your style?
  • Minimizing shine
  • Achieving fabulous lashes
  • Makeup that lasts, from the first look to the last dance!
  • Grooming for grooms!
  • Staying cool, calm & collected on the big day
  • Lots o’ pretty pictures! (No stock photos – it’s all my work.)

You’ll also be subscribed to my biweekly ezine, Serving up Beauty! Each issue is packed with makeup tips, product reviews, stories & photos from real weddings, and what’s new in my life as a pro makeup artist (not to mention the occasional giveaway and other mailing list exclusives!)

No boring sales pitches, no preaching – just content you can use, photos that will inspire you, and insider goodies galore. I keep it real, I keep it fun – and I’d love to have you on board.

Sign up below, download your e-book, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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