Sara’s Wedding at Farm Road Estate in West Dover, Vermont

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When it comes to bridal makeup application, I live by two rules: 1. There should be no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to makeup (everyone’s faces and preferences and personal styles are completely different), and 2. See rule #1. OK, I guess that’s an oversimplification, but it’s true: makeup, done correctly, has to be tailored to the individual, and that’s a lot more important than social media-dictated rules about contouring or eyeshadow placement that are ultimately designed to sell you more products. (Don’t EVEN get me started.)

Natural makeup (that is, makeup that is designed to make you look radiant but that is otherwise unnoticeable) is one of the most difficult styles to master because you’re still applying product to perfect the skin and enhance features for photography, but it has to look basically invisible: no bright colors, dark shading, or hard lines. Everything has to be soft, blended, and subtle, and the skin has to look like skin.

That’s the style Sara wanted for her rustic outdoor Vermont wedding, and I’d like to think I delivered!

Venue: Farm Road Estate

Photography: Gold Wing Photography



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