Emma’s Wedding at Quonquont Farm in Whately MA

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It’s currently below freezing outside, so there’s nothing like a summer wedding at a beautiful local orchard to get me excited for this coming wedding season! Emma’s sea blue + wildflower color palette transported me straight back to my garden, and this wedding contains a favorite detail I have enthused about before (and will certainly again): a canine attendant in a dapper little suit and bow tie.

Emma made a truly thoughtful observation when she initially reached out to me:

“There were so many photos available on your website that gave me a great idea of what you do. More than that, though, I liked how all the pictures were of everyday people, which not only emphasizes your intention with makeup, but also gives a good idea of what the product will look like.”

Here’s to everyday (though admittedly drop-dead gorgeous) people looking like their very best selves!

Venue: Quonquont Farm

Photography: The Happy Couple

Hair: Salon 241



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