Airbrush tattoo coverage

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Now you see it…

Now you don’t!

(What you do see are the slight ridges caused by surface scarring… tattoos are very often three-dimensional. But the black outlines and bright colors of the tattoo are color-corrected and concealed, making them difficult to find unless you know where to look.)

I love Temptu Dura for tattoo (and other body pigmentation) coverage. In this case, the tattoo was on a bridesmaid’s chest and was cut in half by the neckline of her dress. Even if you love your tattoo (and I hope you do!), it can look awkward to have only half of it exposed, so she opted to cover it fully. I chose Dura because it can withstand fabric friction (within reason, of course!) and stays on until you remove it with alcohol.

(Figures it was a tattoo of a fish… if I’m not covering them up I’m drawing them on!)

More on today’s gorgeous wedding soon!



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