Featured on The Fashion Spot: Top 10 Bridal Beauty Dos and Don’ts

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I submitted a little brow wisdom for an article on The Fashion Spot, which you can read here – they used two of my portfolio photos too!

Here’s my section:

Photo: Shannon Grant


“Your eyebrows provide the frame for your beautiful face, and their shape is very important, but a natural brow is by far more youthful and flattering than a thin, heavily plucked one,” notes professional makeup artist and beauty blogger Liz Washer.  Your best bet is to get a professional brow shaping from an esthetician, and then maintain their shape. “Before you pluck out any hairs, brush your brows straight up and carefully trim the tips that reach above your brow,” she says. “You may find that you don’t have to pluck as many as you previously thought. This will keep your brows from becoming too sparse.”

Here are a few more tips I sent to the writer:

  • DON’T take the word “foundation” too literally. You don’t have to plaster your entire face with base. Once you’ve found a good color match, apply only where you need coverage, blend well, and let your healthy skin shine through!
  • DO use a color corrector to neutralize undereye discoloration and prevent that unattractive greyish cast that happens when you pile a light color over dark circles. A creamy peach-toned concealer will counteract bluish dark circles, and pink will neutralize grey or brown discoloration. Simply pat on a light layer and blend foundation on top to match your skin, and then set lightly with loose translucent powder.
  • DON’T pack on the powder all over, especially if your skin is dry – think sheen! A cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, blended well toward the temple, will add youth and a fresh highlight to your face.
  • DO brighten the inner corners of your eyes with a soft peach or champagne eyeshadow or pencil – a little touch of a lighter shade and/or shimmer will make your eyes look brighter, wider set, and more open. Who doesn’t love a bride with a little sparkle in her eyes?
  • DO consider going with a pro! Depending on your plans, your budget, and your cultural traditions, weddings can be a lengthy affair. The makeup you wear has to stand up to a lot: tears, hugs, kisses, weather, and your skin’s natural perspiration and oils. Professional makeup products are formulated with better pigmentation, photo-friendly ingredients, and longer wear than most consumer products, and professional makeup artists specialize in applying makeup that can withstand all kinds of conditions. This is why so many people – even women who do a great job with their everyday makeup – hire a pro for special events. (Even Kate Middleton, who famously did her own wedding makeup, hired a pro for multiple lessons before her big day!) Your wedding calls for a look that is flawless in person, in every type of lighting condition, , on camera and video, from day to night.



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