Dakin’s PAWSCARS: Dogs on the runway for animal rescue!

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Winter can be long and tedious (especially the one we just finished), but given the comparatively relaxed nature of my schedule, it’s a great time to put my philanthropy hat on. On the last Saturday in February, I took part in an event I’d been psyched about for months: Dakin Humane Society’s PAWSCARS, a fundraiser featuring food, film, and fashion all in one. (Dogs on the red carpet – seriously, what’s not to love?) As most of my clients know, I’m a big adopt-don’t-shop advocate and love my rescue mutt, so this seemed like a natural fit.

I was both an event sponsor and the makeup artist for the Dakin staff and runway models who wanted to take advantage (which turned out to be most of them!) Check out the amazingness below:

The table decor was perfectly on-theme. (Photography: Kai-leen Hsueh)

And then there were the runway models…

Photo: Liliya Brenner

Photo: Liliya Brenner

Photo: Liliya Brenner

Of course, being naturally gorgeous, the dogs weren’t in need of my services, so I focused my efforts on their escorts for the evening (alongside hairstylists Barbara and Lindsey from Shear Xtreme Salon in Northampton):

Photo: Rebecca Laflam

Photo: Rebecca Laflam

Once the models were prepped, I scampered to the event room just in time for the show. The staging and lighting positively screamed Academy Awards (but better, because dogs):

Photo: Patricia Gaines

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Photo: Rebecca Laflam

Hilary Price, well-known locally for the “Rhymes with Orange” comic, struts her namesake color. (Photo: Rebecca Laflam)

Comedian Kelsey Flynn poses with a particularly hirsute hound (OK, clearly not a hound). Photo: Rebecca Laflam

Photo: Patricia Gaines

Photo: Sarah ElNahas

You’ve gotta have a SchnozzCam… (Photo: Kai-Leen Hsueh)

Photo: Kai-Leen Hsueh

The final roundup! (Photo: Sarah ElNahas)

Dakin Executive Director Leslie Harris (left) and Dakin Board President and Event Chair Nancy Creed (right) wrapping up the festivities with a heartfelt speech. (Photo: Rebecca Laflam)

I had so much fun watching the models and seeing the spoof videos (my personal favorite was “The Blair Bitch Project,” which – well, if you saw the movie, you can kind of imagine what that one was like). What a fun night out!

Here is a sampling of the media coverage generated about the event:



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